26″ Mountain Bike 24-speed Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike with Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brake System


Best 3 Shop Recommends this new model FINISS mountain bike if you want the best bike with the highest quality for the available price.

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These are high-quality bicycles that can meet all your riding needs. Whether you are commuting to get off work in the city, in-depth fitness exercise or leisure cruise, you can use one of our bicycles to make full use of the fun of each ride.


1. Lightweight aluminum frame, stylish style, easy to ride
2. The high-performance front suspension front fork enhances the control of bumpy surfaces, ensuring smooth driving
3. Reliable Shimano 24-speed derailleur and gear lever can provide all the gears you need to meet any challenge
4. Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brake system, which can realize safe braking power and control.
5. 85% of the bicycles are pre-installed at the factory. Typical bicycle assembly is very time-consuming and requires technical knowledge, but this mountain bike reduces the time and skills required for final assembly: pedals, front wheels, handlebars and inflating tires.


Frame size: 19 inches
Wheel size: 26″ * 1.95 tires
Gearshift: Shimano EF500-3/8, 24-speed
Front derailleur: Shimano FD-TY500
Rear derailleur: Shimano RD-TY300
Brakes: Double disc brakes
Crank: 1/2 * 3/32 * 24T (ED) * 34T (ED) * 42T (ED) * 170 aluminum
Pedal: 9/16 inches
Product weight: 40 LBS
Weight: 330 pounds
packing list:
1* bike

The pedal lines on the left and right are different. The L/R marks are engraved on the main shaft of each pedal, making sure they are installed on the right side (when riding a bicycle, the left pedal should be on your left hand side and the right pedal should be on the right side). The right pedal has right-hand thread (rotate counterclockwise, install clockwise). The left pedal has left-hand thread (clockwise rotation, counterclockwise installation).

Screw the two pedals into the crank arm as much as possible by hand, and then fully tighten it with a wrench. If the pedals are not fully tightened, they may loosen and damage the threads, and we will not be held responsible.




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